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Pro Studio Gear & Equipment
















Years of research and experience have guided the Blacklite Team in compiling an enormous collection of the most powerful, efficient and amazing sounding audio software available. We put great effort into selecting authentic analog plugins that reproduce the warm sound of their vintage counterparts… without the analog headaches and limitations! Whether writing, recording, producing, mixing or mastering we have an unbelievable selection of top-quality professional audio software to make your music glow.



- ProTools 12

- Air Bundle

- Audiosuite

- Xpand 2


Slate Digital

- Virtual Console Collection

- Virtual Mix Rack (analog style compression/eq/etc)

- Virtual Tape Machines

- Virtual Bus Compressor

- FG-X Virtual Mastering Processor

- Trigger Pro (live drum sample replacement)


Universal Audio

- Analog Classics Bundle



- Gold Bundle (30+ plugins)

- Tony Maserati Signature Series

- Manny Marroquin Signature Series

- Dozens of additional production/mixing plugins


Native Instruments

- Komplete Bundle

- Maschine 2.0

  (Dozens of top-quality virtual instruments)


Producer’s Choice

- Everything Bundle

  (Hundreds of pro sample/loop/fx libraries)


Remember when we said our enormous selection of audio software sounds just like the vintage analog gear it emulates? It’s true… but a professional studio still requires some amazing analog hardware (microphones, speakers, etc) for recording your vocals and instruments. Our analog equipment is hand-picked, accumulated across decades of musical successes.



- Mac Pro Desktop

- ASUS Pro Desktop

- Macbook Pro Laptop



- Universal Audio UAD-2 Apollo Quad

- Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite

- Avid Mbox Pro

- Behringer Xenyx Control 1



- Neumann U87-AI

- Slate Virtual Microphone System

- Shure SM57 (4x)

- AKG C1000 (2x)

- AKG D112

- AKG C3000

- Nady TCM-1050

- Audio-Technica AT3035

- Additional available for rental



- Summit Audio 2ba-221 Mic Preamp

- Art OPL Mic Preamps (4x)


- Yamaha EMX 5014c Mixer

- Yamaha MG102c Mixing Consoles (2x)

- Yamaha MD8 Mini Disc Multitrack Recorder

- Yamaha QX3 Sequence Recorder



- M-Audio BX8a Monitors

- Behringer PA Monitors

- JBL 4208 (Potbelly) Monitors

- Auratone Monitors

- Samson Power Amplifier


Keyboards & Controllers

- Yamaha P-95 Digital Piano

- Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61

- Native Instruments Maschine

- Yamaha PSR530 Keyboard

- Roland XP-60 Keyboard

- Roland XP-30 Keyboard

- M-Audio Keystation 49e


Vintage Comp/EQ/FX

- Lexicon Reverb Units (2x)

- DBX Digital Dynamics Processor

- Alesis Compressor/Limiters (3x)

- Symetrix Compressor/Limiter















Be our studio's next success!

Blacklite Productions has enjoyed over a decade of operation as a production and recording hotspot for accomplished singers and rappers throughout Cincinnati and the Midwest region. Our productions have received extensive airplay on national / local TV, radio and viral YouTube videos, in addition to winning Grand Prize in multiple national Billboard Song Contests and dozens of other song contests. We would love to make your project our studio's next success - contact us to get started today!

Ready, Set, Glow.
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Ready, Set, Glow.
Contact Us Today!